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IMPLEMENTATION PLAN Education and Awareness
This author first sought “buy-in” by discussing the guidelines and the culture of excellence in medicine and service with doctors of the practice. All agreed this was in the best interest of the patients and clients and recognized the importance of the entire practice team participation and support. To this end, several months of staff meetings, facilitated by doctors reviewed the importance of nutrition and our value to the public
in being able to perform these assessments and recommendations with confidence.
Exam Templates
To simplify the process and ensure completeness, nutritional assessment questions and prompts were incorporated into the existing exam template, which already had the other 4 vital assessments of temperature, pulse, respiration, and pain, and were formatted into a SOAP document. These were automatically saved within the paperless software and a copy generated for the client.
An Urban Experience
Identified additions included:
• Weight today and previous weight
• Diet(s): name brand and ingredients
o Amount fed
o Frequency fed
o Treats
o Supplements
• Medications
• Body Condition Score (BCS)
• Muscle Condition Score (MCS)
• Nutritional Assessment of diet(s) being fed • Nutritional Recommendation
Example Exam-Template

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