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Table 2: Formulas to prediction the number of days of gestation (GL) or the date of parturition (DP) in days currently available in the literature.
The uterine involution can be observed during 28 days after the parturition. It consists in a slow decrease of the uterine dimeter and the endometrium and myometrium to come back to normal anoestrus especially at the level of the insertion of the placenta. If fluid is observed 1 week after the parturition in the lumen of the uterus, a metritis should be suspected.
1. Abnormal pregnancy
Ultrasound is also a very useful tool to detect embryonic resorption or foetal abortion. There are several causes to the abortion as infection (mostly viral), traumatic, neoplastic, toxic, congenital abnormality of the foetus... The confirmation is not easy to do. During both resorption and abortion, ultrasound can show loss of movement of the embryo/foetus, absence of heart
beat, hyperechoic foci in the gestational chamber and thickening of the uterus wall. Recently, the ultrasound appearance of the drug induced resorption and abortion using Aglepriston was described. The ultrasound findings are similar to the one described in pathologic conditions.
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An Urban Experience
 Measured structured
  Usable formulas
  External diameter of the gestational chamber (GC in cm)
  GL = 1,602 GC – 12,13
 Internal diameter of the gestational chamber (GC in cm)
  GL = 1,368 GC – 11,566
  Crown rump length of the embryo (CR in cm)
  CR = 0,01 GL2 – 0,28 GL + 2,69 (between 19 and 40 days after mating)
 Crown rump length of the embryo (CR in cm)
 GL = 2,0087 CR – 31,43
 Body diameter (BD in cm)
 DP = 43,5 – 10,9 BD
 Biparietal diameter (BPD in cm)
 BPD = 0,05 GL – 0,64 (33 days after mating)
 Biparietal diameter (BPD in cm)
 DP = 61,2 – 24,6 BPD
 Biparietal diameter (BPD in cm)
 GL = 61,2 – 24,6 BPD
 Biparietal diameter (BPD in cm)
  BPD = 23,39 + 0,47 GL
  Femur length (FL in cm)
   FL = 0,050 DG – 0,79 (40 days after mating)
  Femur length (FL in cm) (W=weight in kg, LS=litter size, A=age in years)
   DP = 37,864 – 19,3 FL+ 1,227 W – 0,615 LS – 0,832 A

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