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Prevention: Injections in cats should all ways be
given at sites at which surgery would likely lead to
a complete cure with the least complicated surgical procedure (such as distal limbs, tail or lateral abdomen). In addition, vaccination should only be performed only as often as necessary and as infrequently as possible. Practioners and owners should monitor the vaccination site for swelling or lumps and should follow the 3-2-
1 rule: Incisional wedge biopsies or total removal for histopathological examination of any mass is warranted if the mass is still present 3 months after vaccination, is more than 2 cm in diameter or is increasing in size one month after vaccination.
On the horizon
The future diagnosis, management and prognostication of feline ISS likely will likely include biomarkers, molecular diagnostic techniques, molecular imaging (PET-CT, PET- MRI), as well as intraoperative methods such as optical coherence tomography (OCT) to delineate tumor and healthy tissues intraoperatively. Furthermore development of specific immune therapeutic approaches are being evaluated and electrochemotherapy studies have been reported which appear promising.
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An Urban Experience

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