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The infections which do occur frequently (e.g. dermatophytosis, salmonellosis) can often easily be prevented by taking proper hygienic measures. Minimal recommendations should include: no eating and drinking while animals are being handled, washing of the hands after handling animals (i.e. facilities should be present).
In addition, cages of exotic pets should not be cleaned in sinks where food may be prepared for human consumption.
As practitioners we should function as role models. Wash your hands after each animal examination, wear scrubs or a lab coat when working with animals, do not allow drinking and eating in the clinic (a separate area should be present). Before eating, drinking or smoking: take of your scrubs and wash your hands. In the Netherlands some practices have developed a “no lab coat”
policy. The idea behind this policy is to lower anxiety
of the animals while being examined. From a hygienic standpoint, however, this policy should be discouraged as this highly potentiates the risks of transmitting zoonoses.
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