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An Urban Experience
The OHC, through the Chairman, was represented at the 85th General Session of the OIE in Paris in May 2017.
The OHC held a committee meeting during the 2016 WSAVA Congress in Cartagena, and will meet again during the current congress in Copenhagen.
At this Congress, the OHC is presenting the seventh WSAVA Global One Health Award to the Blue Dog Project. During the meeting the committee will also select the winner of the WSAVA One Health Poster/Abstract Prize.
In May 2017, The OHC Chairman delivered a lecture entitled ‘Benefits of the One Health Approach to Leishmaniosis’ at the 6th WorldLeish Congress in Toledo, Spain.
The Committee has ensured that One Health is represented in WSAVA Congress programmes, with a full-day stream during this 2017 Congress on antimicrobial resistance and a stream planned for the 2018 Congress in Singapore.
Further information and publications from the One Health Committee may be found on the OHC webpages.
The work of the OHC would not be possible without the support of our sponsorship consortium, which includes Bayer Animal Health, Elanco, Hills Pet Nutrition, MSD Animal Health, Nestle Purina, Waltham and Zoetis.
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