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conformation to avoid superimposition. Additional special views for evaluation of the pelvis may include oblique views and distraction views to evaluate for coxofemoral joint laxity.
• Stifle: Routine radiographs of the stifle joint include mediolateral and craniocaudal or caudocranial views. In case of joint instability, stress views may also prove useful. A special craniodistal-cranioproximal (“skyline”) view occasionally used to evaluate the depth of the femoral trochlea involves positioning the patient in dorsal recumbency under stifle joint flexion, aligning the x-ray tube in parallel orientation with the floor and directing the x-ray beam over the highest point of the flexed leg.
• Tarsus and pes: The radiographic principles for evaluation of the tarsus and pes are the same as described for the carpus and manus above. An additional albeit rarely used view is a dorsoplantar view under tarsal flexion. This provides improved visualization of the trochlear ridges of the talus (“skyline view”) which is important e.g. in the diagnosis of OC/OCD lesions or tarsal trauma.
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