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shopping, cooking, changings lightbulbs to performing advanced surgery and seeing most of the clients. When I ask them why they do this the reply is, that the team will not do it or that they are not able to do it. This has to change.
I recommend practice owners to take the leadership of their own practice. Communicate your fair expectations; be more demanding of the staff and push the staff more forward towards the tasks and the clients. Off course, this has to be done in a nice way. The result is almost often a much happier team.
The practice owner needs to have the overview, the capacity to build the team and the ability to make everyone work together for the common good. As a practice owner it is fully acceptable to communicate that you love animals and clients AND needs to make a good living as a business person.
The right staff at the right cost level
Staff costs, including practice owner salary, is by far the biggest expense running a practice. In Denmark and Norway, practices spend between 60-70% of their net income (turnover minus cost of goods) on staff (salary, tax, education etc.). Therefore, you have to be very much aware of how much you spend and who you hire. Often practice owners spend weeks choosing an X-ray machine that cost 8.000 euro a year and only an afternoon choosing a veterinary surgeon that cost 70- 100.000 euro a year. I advise practice owners to spend enough time in the hiring process.
I suggest that practice owners always keep a  rm eye on the staff-% as a KPI. When your man the practice you should start estimating the net income and thereby you know how much you can spend on staff. I advise to have a three-year perspective, meaning that you estimate your net income and thereby know how much you can spend on new staff the coming years.
Goals, measurements, KPI’s and proper follow up
If you wan’t to perform well and keep on improving your business, you need to have goals, set up key performance indicators and make sure that you communicate them the right way to the staff.
Elsewhere in these proceedings I will go through this subject in details, so I will brie y mention the KPI’s that you should monitor and communicate regularly:
• Weekly and monthly turnover (Clinical, pet shop, total)
• Average clinical transaction value on a monthly basis
• Percentage of pets receiving dental treatments
• Percentage of pets with an active reminder
An Urban Experience
Veterinary skills and knowledge
I often work with practices in a poor  nancial state
and these practices often try to improve their  nances by saving money. Very often this is not a viable way
of running a practice You need to have the basics
like proper dental equipment, in house lab and gas anaesthics. On the other hand you  nd practices that invest too much in things they will never use or things that can never pay for itself. I suggest that you allways make a cost bene t analyses before buying equipment that costs more than 5.000 euro.
When it comes to veterinary skills the same applies. You need to have the basic skills. When I invest in training I often start with focusing on communication skills, dentals and the basic surgical skills as this is where the money lies. You can either choose to take courses or you can see practice at the hospital, where you refer your cases (if you help growing their business, you can ask for help in growing your own. This is a win/win)
Branding & marketing
(Anne Klindt will cover this subject in more details, so I go through this very brie y)
You need to build an attractive brand that serves to purposes. It has to create pride within your team and it has to make your practice attractive for the clients. Have a professional helping you with the basic branding and make sure to use a professional photographer to take pictures.
Get organized when it comes to marketing. Set goals, make a plan, create routines and make sure that things happens at your practice.
Have a great online presence with focus on Facebook and a reasonably good website. Make sure that your ratings are good and that you have a lot of them. Get in the press. It can be cost ef cient marketing that works very well. Build a community around your practice.

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